Duplex Filter Housings

Duplex Filter Housings

S And C Invotek

S & C Invotek manufactures Duplex Filter Housings, the design of which permits continuous operation as the flow can be directed to either housing while the other is serviced. One lever controls all the valves in the system, which seals the bubble tight and multi stage strainers are also available in these housings for cost saving. These are user-friendly filter housings and manual backwashing of strainer design is also available. The company is a leading manufacturer of simplex and duplex filter housings in CS, SS 304, 316, etc., depending on the liquid parameters; it company offers both 3-way port design and butterfly design for an easy changeover during the chocking of the bag or strainer where these housings can be used for both bag/strainers at a time. S & C Invotek is engaged in designing and manufacturing filtration products for engineering and process industries. This includes bag filters, membrane cartridge filters, vent filters, steam filters, etc. The product line consists of a variety of filters used for various applications and can be utilized for any system whether liquid, air or gas that requires the removal of unwanted particulate matter. The company also offers mobile filter system and liquid filtration systems.

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