Cross Filament Tapes

Cross Filament Tapes

Tape House Private Limited

Tape House Pvt Ltd offers Cross Filament Tapes. A self adhesive tape which has been specially designed for applications requiring a high breaking strength. This tape has a film backing and rubber adhesive. Woven glass fibers reinforce the backing, making this product extremely strong when used for heavy packing where it can replace metal and polypropylene strapping to great advantage.

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  • Heavy duty packing
  • Bundling and strapping of metal coils
  • Pipes and tubes temporary Holding parts
  • Appliances in house hold and electric appliance manufactures
  • For packing of heavy weight cartons
  • For palletizing
  • For strapping
  • For sealing of metal coils or pipe bundling
  • Water resistance
  • Optimum quality
  • High adhesive property

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