Bevel Planetary Drive

Bevel Planetary Drive

Beacon Gear Transmissions Private Limited

Beacon Gear Transmissions is engaged in the field of manufacturing Planetary Reduction Gearboxes with optimum design feature and latest technology of improving the geometrical accuracy of the gear teeth profile with the team of experienced professionals. These are high quality, cost effective gearboxes with a wide range of power transmissions. Planetary gearboxes operate at around 96-percentage efficiency, which is far better than conventional worm and helical gearboxes. Therefore power consumption is low. In many cases the saving of power cost itself amortises the cost of gearboxes in a year or so. Planetary reduction gearboxes are rugged, reliable and maintenance free and as such, reduces the inventory and labour cost and machine down time. Planetary reduction gearboxes are compact and low weight (10-15 percentage of worm and helical gearboxes). The company offers a Bevel Planetary Drive. Basic specifications: reduction ratio - 3.1 to 50000: 1; rated torque - 0.5 kg-m to 100000 kg-m; input power - 0.5 HP to 25 HP; input speed - 1440, 960 and 720 RPM; input type - free input, hollow input; and output type - free output, hollow output, spline shaft. The range includes: planetary reduction gearboxes, planetary geared motors, zero backlash planetary gearbox, planetary crystalliser drive, planetary creep drive, planetary winch drive, bevel-planetary gearbox, custom build gears and gearboxes for various applications like mechanical industry, chemical industry, marine, mining industry, food industry, transportation and lifting, agriculture and forestry, building and maintenance and many more.

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