Anti Condensation Space Heaters

Anti Condensation Space Heaters

Theeta Electricals Private Limited

Theeta Electricals Pvt Ltd offers Anti Condensation Space Heaters. Control panels are essential part of all electrical equipment and are used across the industry and across the geography. Weather and working environment can adversely affect the performance and life of these control panels. Control panels at all times must be protected from moisture, freezing and dew formation. Strip heaters are commonly used to protect the control panels from above affects, but quality of these heaters are always in doubt, and most control panel manufacturers are vary of using these heaters. The problem magnifies with high capacity control panels using high wattage heaters. The problem isn’t as such manufacturing fault, but unsafe design. The resistance coil surrounded with insulating material is pressed in a metal strip. Since the mechanical force is not applied from all directions there is no way to ensure that the coil is totally insulated or is totally centred, secondly the insulating material doesn’t get properly compressed which can result in resistance wire moving from centre. This design issue results in leakage current and if any failure can also result in the control panel becoming live with current. To avoid such issues tubular heaters are used in control panels. Tubular heaters unlike strip heaters are rolled from all directions. Rolling ensures strong compression of insulating material. In addition, rolling also insures centring of resistance wire. With this the chance of leakage current is totally eliminated. Moreover, anti condensation tubular heater comes with perforated casing, which ensures hand doesn’t burn in case someone touches the heater. Theeta manufactures such anti-condensation space heaters with capacity ranging up to 1000 W.

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