Analog Input Module

Analog Input Module

Canopus Instruments

Canopus Instruments offers Analog Input Module. The Field Interface Module (FIM) for Analog Input (AI) signals is useful for interfacing Analog Signals of various types originating from sensors and field devices with PLC Analog input modules. The FIM consists of multiple (4 nos. or 8 nos.) AI type Analog Signal conditioning & Isolation modules mounted on a board. Different module types are available to interface input signals such as 0-+/-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, RTD, Thermocouple, etc. These modules perform the function of Signal conditioning and Isolation at the input side to generate a calibrated and linearly proportional 4-20mA 2 wire or 4 wire output signal. This 4-20 mA signal is connected as input to the PLC Analog Input (AI) channel. The use of CAN-AI FIM provides the advantage of Channel to Channel Isolation between analog input signals without loss of key performance parameters such as accuracy and response time. Further the unique modular design of CAN-AI FIM allows the user to choose any combination of Input modules to suit the requirements of his project. Thus it is possible to interface multiple Field Signal types with a 4 Channel or 8 Channel 4-20mA AI module of PLC. It is possible to interface 1 nos. RTD, 1 nos. Thermocouple, 1 nos. 0-10V, & 1 nos. 4-20mA field signals to a single 4 Channel 4-20mA Input module of a PLC system. The connection with Field Signals is provided with Phoenix type screw connectors. PLC side connections are also provided with Phoenix type screw connectors. Customized designs using D-sub connector on PLC side can be available to allow ease of connections using Prefab cables. The FIM is housed in a profile suitable for mounting on 35 mm std. DIN rail.

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