Alarm Annunciators

Alarm Annunciators

JVS Electronics Private Limited

JVS Electronics offers Alarm Annunciator. It is a microprocessor-based annunciator in modular design. The depth and the height of the unit are uniform for the entire range of 4 to 24 windows. The power supply range covers all standard DC and AC voltages. This facility is provided in the front of each unit for convenient programming of all functions. The Trip and Non-trip function selection of each window and also the operational sequence selection are programmed from front operated DIPswitches. Another unique facility in this annunciator is the set of inbuilt push buttons for alarm, silence, test, accept and reset functions that eliminates the need for external push buttons and inter connection wiring. However, terminals for terminating external push buttons are also provided as a standard feature. The window is lit by red super bright LEDs, yellow, amber, green, or blue LED with colour filters can also be provided at specific request. RS 232 or RS485 communication port and downloading software can be provided as optional facility. Features: system watch dog facility; immune to noise and surges; highly reliable micro controller design; sequence selection (as per ISA standard); trip and non-trip selection by front mounted DIP switches; built in push button for test, silence, accept and reset functions; and RS 232/RS 485 communication port and control (optimal). AC & DC Supply fail annunciation: auxiliary DC supply failure to the annunciator can be displayed in a window designated for DC fail annunciation. A separate card with mounting hardware is provided which can be mounted inside the control panel. The unit works on an AC aux supply normally of 240 V, 50 Hz. A normally closed contact of DC monitoring, relay is used to energise AC aux relay, which will activate the annunciation scheme and illuminate the designated window.

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  •  Sequence selection according to ISA standards
  •  Trip and Non-Trip selection
  •  Built in push button for test, silence, accept and reset functions
  •  RS 485 communication port (optional)
  •  AC/DC fail indication (optional)
  •  Repeat alarm contact (optional)
  •  Initiation: Potential free NO/NC Contact

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