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Abirami Pumps offers a wide range of AEC-PML Pump. Due to the heavy population in cities, apartment type housings are developing very much. In this waste water, sewage water, kitchen wastes & other sanitary wastes disposal are the biggest challenge. This type of pump is ideally suitable to solve the waste water disposal system.

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  • Chemical Industry : To Pump corrosive, alkali, abrasive media.
  • Sugar Industry : To pump sugar juice, bagase slurries, effluent, water, thin & thick sludge.
  • Food industry : Fruit juice, Vegetable slurry.
  • Fertilizer Industry : For acids Hcl, H2, SO4, Ammonia and other acids and petrochemical.
  • Capacity Range : Up to 800 M`3/hr
  • Head in Mts. : Up to 160 Meters Meters
  • Temperature : Up tp 240`C
  • Working Pressure : Up to 16 kg/Cm`2
  • Speed in rpm: 3600 Max
  • 32 models in type AEC-PML ensure the pump selection of any duty parameter within the operating range nearest to the best efficient point.

Products from Abirami Pumps

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