Adjustable Snap Gauge

Adjustable Snap Gauge

Advance Measuring Systems

Advance Measuring Systems manufactures adjustable snap gauges based on relevant IS specifications, from 0-152 mm. The body of the gauge is made of graded cast iron. Block anvils and adjustable anvils are manufactured from graded steels like OHNS/EN31. Various steps of range are from 0-6 mm, 6-13 mm, 13-19 mm, etc. Specific thermal treatment like “subzero” treatment is done after heat-treatment. This process is a must for ensuring the dimensional accuracy and life of the adjustable snap gauges for longer period. The facility of size adjustment enables users to reduce the variety of different sizes, and thereby reduce the inventory. By resetting different sizes from time to time, the actual gauge cost is lowered. Thus recurring procurement cost is reduced. The company is ISO 9001-2000 certified by TUV Nord and having calibration laboratory accredited by NABL. Availability of these gauges “ex-shelf” reduces users’ lead time in production.

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