Torque Motors

Torque Motors

Western Engineering Co

Western Engineering Co offers Torque Motors. Torque motors are asynchronous motors which are constructed for a permanent standstill operation. These motors are similar to standard induction motors but with a modified high resistance rotor design. Unlike, the normal induction motors which try to maintain the speed as it is being loaded the torque motors have a torque speed characteristic, which is nearly linear. This means from the standstill stage to the full RPM, the available torque reduces almost linearly. The torque motors are designed so that they can dissipate any heat which occurs without any problems. This characteristic makes it suitable in applications where the speed is required to reduce with the increase in load. By changing the input voltage of the torque motor we can change the maximum torque available at the shaft. At any voltage if the load on the torque motor is removed it tries to accelerate to the synchronous speed. Torque motor offers braking torque when its rotor is driven against its normal direction of rotation when energised. This characteristic is used to provide back tension in winding cycle. Torque motors are generally rated on the basis of locked rotor torque in Nm or Kgm or Kgcm.

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