Single Shot Oil System

Single Shot Oil System

Cenlub Industries Limited

  • This is mini hydraulic power pack fitted with a motor and rotary positive displacement pump.
  • The unit is designed for intermittent run only and is best suited for Single Shot Lubrication
  • Unit is fitted with a suitable pressure switch, float switch and a transparent reservoir (for visually checking the oil level)
  • During ON cycle, the electrically driven pump discharges the oil with high pressure, adjustable between 15-20 bars, with the help of an in- built relief valve, which is also safegaurding the system from over-loading.
  • During OFF cycle for the pressure in the lubrication line is reduced 1 kg/
  • The system is provided with a bleed valve near the outlet port to automatically bleed air if entrained in system
  • For vertical mounting of the unit, two holes are provided at the back of the system.
  • There is an in-built check valve and pressure reducing system incorporated in the pump
  • Outlet port is suitable for 6mm OD tube

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