Servo Motors

Servo Motors

Rotolinear Systems

Rotolinear Systems offers AC brushless servo motors.

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  • These are available in range of 0.1- 115 Nm. The standard frame sizes (square) available are 25, 37, 55, 74, 86, 98, and 142, 190, 240. There are mainly 2 models or series (i.e TGT series and TGH series). TGT series AC synchronous servomotors are characterised by low inertia, small dimensions, high dynamics, high adaptability and reliability.
  • The servo motors have permanent Neodymium magnets in the rotor. The groove bevels in the stator and segment alignments of magnets on the rotor decrease the torque pulsations. The feedback sensors can be resolver type, endat type, hiperface type, comcoder type, etc.
  • The normal protection is IP 54 (optional IP 65) and the insulation Class F. TGH series servomotors are smaller servomotors and the speed is also low. TGH servomotors are 20 to 30 per cent shorter in total length compared to TGT of same torque. TGH motors are available with torque range 0.03- 25 Nm. The frame sizes available are 25, 55, 86, 98 and 142 in TGH series.

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