Pressure Independent Control Valve

Pressure Independent Control Valve

Advance Valves Private Limited

Advance Valves manufacturers Pressure Independent Control Valve. The Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) incorporates a small diaphragm type DPCV in order to keep a constant differential pressure across an orifice in order to provide a constant flow rate whilst the differential pressure is with the operating limits of the valve. Beyond these working pressures the valve acts in a similar way to a fixed orifice valve.

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  • Fan Coils
  • Chilled Beams (Active and Passive)
  • Radiant Panels and Radiators
  • Heater Batteries
  • Small Air Handling units
  • Heat Recovery Units
  • Over-door Heaters
  • Suitable for Plenty of applications, due to wide range of actuators available.
  • High precision large diameter lockable hand-wheel with simple linear setting scale.
  • The flow rate is adjustable via the hand-wheel even when an actuator is fitted.
  • Full stroke equal percentage temperature control valve gives maximum control under all flow conditions.
  • Reduces capital outlay by eliminating the need for terminal balancing valves, temperature control valves, branch and mains balancing valves, and system differential pressure control valves.
  • The valve has been designed to be easily close coupled to the terminal unit.
  • Selection is simple as no authority calculations are needed.
  • Reduces circuit interactivity.
  • Commissioning is simplified as no costly proportional balance is required.
  • Controllability is made easy due to the equal percentage characteristic.
  • User comfort maximized by ensuring every temperature control valve has full authority.

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