No Rebound Hammers

No Rebound Hammers

IBK Engineers Private Limited

No-Rebound Hammers delivering full impact about 50% greater than a standard hammer.

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  • The housing is filled with special steel pellet that transfer momentum to the impact point. Ideal for assembling machine parts without damage
  • Speeds up work while reducing fatigue; allows better hammer control by absorbing the bounce; hickory-wood handle; available in five standard sizes, plus two sledgehammer sizes
  • Supercraft no-rebound hammers have replaceable nylon inserts; these inserts are hard, grease and oil resistant, highly elastic, and have superior strike effectiveness, and
  • Applications include assembly operations, metalworking, tooling, positioning of workpieces, automotive assembly and repair work, joining of workpieces, sheet metal working, dent removal, mold construction, assembly of sharp-edged workpieces, and scaffold construction.

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