HDPE Tapes

HDPE Tapes

Tape House Private Limited

Tape House Pvt Ltd offers HDPE Tapes. HDPE Adhesive Tape is a Hot Melt Tape with Heavy duty water resistance and made from HDPE Fabric providing properties such as high tensile strength, high binding capacity, Strong Adhesion, Water and moisture proofing. HDPE Adhesive Tape or Hot Melt Tape is a necessity for packaging most products due to its ability to provide high safety to the product HDPE Self adhesive tape can be used for Edge Protection, as Security Seal Tape, as a tamper proof tape. A Self adhesive tape which has been specially made for joining and sealing of bags with HDPE base. The tape has high adhesion and tensile which help in keeping joints well sealed and required for permanent applications. Ideal for heavy carton sealing. high shear strength. HDPE tape is used in jointing jobs in the connected industries and where HDPE cloth and bags are used so this tape Blends in each of its colours and acts as edging in monsoon sheds, covering of trucks as ribitting ends etc.

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  • Tear resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Weather Proof

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