Goods Lifts

Goods Lifts

Sneha Techno Engineering

Sneha Techno Engineering offers Goods Lifts. Goods Lifts is the most popular design by Sneha Techno Engineering and proven to be very useful for wide applications of goods lifts. Goods Cage is provided with a collapsible gate & with Goods Cage being guided by supporting guide structure / wall mounted T guide . Crane hoist are used for hoisting & lowering the Goods Cage from ground floor to top floor. Interlocking system & limit switches are provided for the lifting the material safely. Also, Counter balancing weight type goods lift is having lifting machine with drive pulley, helical gear box, motor and brake. The lifting m/c, is mounted at top in m/c. room. The lifting is done with four rope construction and each rope has four fall construction. The special arrangement is made considering heavy loading and continuous operation.

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