Golbe 2 Way PFA Lined Valve

Golbe 2 Way PFA Lined Valve

Pneucon Valves Private Limited

Pneucon Valves Private Limited offers Golbe 2 Way PFA Lined Valve. This type of Valve with its classic globe body shape, which reflects its name, uses the variable area generated between the plug and seat to control fluid flow. It is very versatile offering reduced trim options as well as a variety of special trims for severe high pressure drop applications. This style of valve is easily adapted for use on cryogenic tempetatures and for high temperature duties. This valve is preferred for tight shut – off, positioning accuracy, high rangeability and simplified maintenance, satisfy the majority of control valve applications throughout the process and power industries in control of Air, Steam, Water, Gas, Chemicals etc.

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  • Fluid Compatibility- The lined material protects metal parts from process fluid making it ideal for controlling severely corrosive media.
  • Economy- Since metal parts are protected from process fluid use of expensive alloys is not needed.
  • Integrity- The body design provides a mechanical bond between body and liner, which minimizes the potential of body liner separation.
  • Long Life Bellows Seal- provides for absolute gland sealing.
  • Easy In Line Maintenance- The top entry design eases in-line maintenanceand minimizes transfer of pipeline stresses.

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