Gear Honing Mandrels/Arbors

Gear Honing Mandrels/Arbors

Concept Engineers

Eppinger Tooling Asia Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of gears, gear components and gear assemblies manufactured in standard and custom built ranges.

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  • State-of-the-art manufacturing and quality control facilities ensure top quality makes.
  • The product range includes spiral bevel gear sets of 10 to 1 ratio and 457 mm in diameter, 2 to 1 ratio, and 406 mm in diameter and module up to 12.7, and 1 to 1 ratio with 323 mm diameter. The hobbed gear has a diameter of 500 mm x 8 m and the hardened and profile ground spur and helical gears have a diameter of 330 mm x 5 m. The internal gears are 152 mm x 3 m in diameter.
  • Custom built/non-standard gears and gear assemblies are available.
  • The products are well received in domestic for critical applications like machine tools, railways, textiles, automation, automotives, engineering, pumps, compressors, printing machines, among others, and exported to Europe, Korea, etc.

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