Flush Bottom Valve

Flush Bottom Valve

Pneucon Valves Private Limited

Pneucon Valves Private Limited offers Flush Bottom Valve. Flush Bottom Valves are used in piping, reactors & vessels to drain out Liquids, Abrasive, Slurry, Viscous Material or Semi Solid Media. Flush Bottom Valves are Available in design of Disc opening into the Tank (Vessel Opening Design) & Disc Lowering (Inside Valve Opening Design) into the Valve Body. Flush Bottom Valves with disc opening into the tank or opening upwards is the most commonly used. It is used where enough space is available between Bottom pad and the stirrer of the tank. The mass load inside the tank helps closing & tight shut off the Flush Bottom Valve. Normally,the inlet size of a standard flush bottom valve is one size higher than that of the outlet size. There are special constructiona possible with both sizes same. The outlet port is at an angle to the inlet port.Normally 45 or 60 degree deviation is provided. The end connection are normally flanged.

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  • Unique Design Of Flush Bottom Valves assure ” Zero – Hold Up” in the bottom pad of the Tank Facilitate the free flow & quick Discharge of the Liquid or slurry Through the Valve.
  • Conical Metal to Metal Disc Seating / PTFE Seating with option of fixed or replaceable seat. Metal Seating can be hard faced by Stellite, where distortion of Seat by aggressive liquid or slurry is common.
  • Flush Bottom Valve can also be provided with the temperature sensors to measure the temperature in the vessel.
  • Bolted Stuffing Box (Gland), easily adjustable & with Repaceable Service.

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