Diamond Disc for Grinding and Hacking, Chatur

Diamond Disc for Grinding and Hacking, Chatur

Wendt (India) Limited

Wendt (India) Ltd has come out with Chatur – diamond disc for grinding and hacking, the first of the company’s products for the construction industry, for grinding and hacking of concrete.

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  • The difference between the Chatur range of discs and the commonly used metal bonded diamond cup wheels is in the construction of the wheel and the grinding or cutting action.
  • Chatur diamond discs use a process where diamond abrasives are chemically fused on top of a metal base.
  • This construction provides highly exposed, ready to cut diamond edges at the contact surface to either grind or hack. With reduced friction at the cutting edge and a well balanced construction, the power tool mounted with Chatur breaks down much less, but completes the work much faster.
  • Chatur helps complete grinding up to 40 per cent faster and 1 unit of Chatur can normally replace up to 5 unitrs of commonly used metal bonded cup wheels. Chatur can be fitted on any brand of portable grinder.
  • These discs are available in 100 mm (4”) dia with 20 mm bore, 115 mm (4½”) and 125 mm (5”) with 22.3 mm bore.
  • The same discs can be used for both, grinding and hacking applications. Hacking leaves a neat keyway for the plaster to get a foothold. With more concrete usage, more needs to be selected, invested and significance of Chatur being one such tool that any user shall need to shape or hack concrete.

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