Combitherm Ultra Boilers

Combitherm Ultra Boilers

Thermodyne Engineering Systems

Thermodyne Engineering Systems manufacturers Combitherm Ultra Boilers. Combitherm Ultra Boilers (Combi Ultra Boiler) requires minimum site work as they are factory assembled units and is mounted on a skid base frame. Their working is same as our Combitherm model in a way that they too are the combination of water tube design and smoke tube design. Combitherm Ultra model is also a 3 pass design with 1 pass of flue gases in external furnace or membrane which is surrounded by water tubes and 2 passes of flue gases in shell tubes just like the Combitherm Model. The only difference is that it is a compact design and requires less space as compared to the Combitherm design. In this water, tube membrane is many compacts thus allowing minimum or no radiation losses to the surroundings. The shell in the case of the Ultra model is placed just above the membrane thereby reducing the time for water to reach the membrane through downcomers thereby allowing easy and faster water circulation. This mainly prevents the overheating of radiation tubes and eventually increases the operating life of your boiler. In this downcomers are provided on the sides of the shell membrane assembly and riser headers and pipes are provided in between the shell and the membrane.

This unique and compact design can handle almost all type of fuels such as wood, coal, briquettes, rice husk, petcoke etc. Generally Rice husk fuel is fed automatically to the boiler through screw feeder and the bed which consist of sand is made fluidized using high air pressure for this case the height of the boiler is increased to some extent to ease its operation while in case of other fuels such as wood, coal, petcoke etc boiler can be placed at normal heights without affecting its operation. Advantage: Skid –mounted water cum smoke tube boiler-Requires very less floor area & site work, Multi-fuel options-Total flexibility, vailable in both manual and automatic fuel feeding systems., Factory assembled boiler including ducting, insulation, refractory work, structure work etc., Easy access for cleaning and inspection.

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