Building Wire

Building Wire

Prime Cable Industries

Prime Cable Industries manufacturers a wide range of long lasting building wires in the Indian consumer market. These wires are made to last a lifetime. No wonder they come with an unparalleled no tension warranty of 20 years*. At Primecab, we lay the greatest emphasis on manufacturing excellence, technological advancement and customer satisfaction. Primecab wires go through rigorous tests to ensure highest standards of quality and a long life. Be it safety, quality, price or energy savings, Primecab Cables' building wires tick all the right boxes; giving you the most trustworthy and high quality wires available in the market today. These Wires are manufactured using a special PVC compound which is Lead Free, Heat Resistant (LFHR) and Flame Retardant (FR). 

Primecab Cables are the only wire products in India to be made using Lead Free PVC, which makes them non-toxic and completely safe for users as well as installers. Primecab Cables offer you wires with Lead Free properties at Zero Additional Cost Primecab Cables will last you a lifetime, without any fires, breakdowns or worries. Building Wire Range Includes: LFHR FR: Lead Free, Heat Resistant and Fire Retardant, LFHR FRLS: Lead Free, Heat Resistant, Fire Retardant and Low Smoke, LFHR ZHLS: Lead Free, Heat Resistant, Zero Halogen and Low Smoke, Multi Core Round: PVC Insulated Copper Conductor (Flexible) Industrial Cables, Flat Three Core: PVC Insulated Industrial Cable for Submersible Pumps, Single Core Copper Conductor (Flexible).

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