Buffing And Polishing Bars

Buffing And Polishing Bars

Indian Abrasives Company

Indian Abrasives Company manufacturers Buffing And Polishing Bars. IAC manufactures PVA polishing/grinding wheels and PVA mounted points and fibre bached Hilap wheels which are well accepted in polishing Stainless Steelwares, Copper & Ain minium wares. Marble, Glass, Gemstones and Wood surface finishing industries. Product availability: Wheel Diameter (mm)-100, 150, 200, 250, 300 Grains- Silicon carbide, Alumina Grit Size-# 80 to 600 even finer. 

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  • Polishing of watch cases bands
  • goggle frame
  • camera parts
  • SS pipes
  • super finishing of dier and mould parts

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