Waterjet for Jobshops

Waterjet for Jobshops

A Innovative International Limited

A Innovative International offers Waterjet machines for Jobshops. Waterjet cutting technology is one of the fastest growing major machine tool processes in the jobshop industries due to its versatility and ease of operation. Today productivity and cost cutting is major concern for jobshop industry. Every jobshop have to improve his strength with using upgraded technology. Waterjet machines can be uses to improve productivity and provide cost cutting benefit to the industry. Waterjet is versatile tool and it has easy to operation so mostly jobshops owners are giving priority to this technology. Waterjet can cut various kinds of metals ferrous and non-ferrous such as steel, m.s, brass, copper, alloys, stone, compounds and glass, etc. Abrasive waterjet and pure waterjet both start with pressurised water. Water is pressurised up to 90,000 psi, or 6,200 bar, and then is transported to the cutting head where the pressurised water passes through a tiny hole in jewel orifice. The pressure is exchanged for velocity, which is what the waterjet cuts with; it actually erodes the material that is being cut. After the waterjet stream is passed through the orifice, the garnet abrasive similar to that found on sand paper is fed through a delivery line which is located on the side of the cutting head, where it is pulled in to the waterjet stream via vacuum effect, and accelerated down the mixing tube.

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