Rotary Kiln Incinerator

Rotary Kiln Incinerator

B L Engineering

B L Engineering offers rotary kiln incinerator.

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  • A rotary dryer (or drier), often called calciner is a machine or apparatus used to remove moisture; it may be a small laboratory oven taking a few grams of moist material or a large industrial unit handling tonnes of wet feed per hour
  • An industrial dryer is never a stand-alone unit; it is part of a drying system which includes the feeder, the heaters and product collectors besides the actual drying section itself
  • The method of material conveyance through the drying section; the method of heating the material; the pressure and temperature of operation
  • More than any other factor, the method of conveying the feed through the dryer governs the outward appearance of a dryer and limits its operating parameters
  • While free-flowing granules can be handled in a variety of ways, more awkward materials like loose fibres, which can tangle together, and very wet sticky feeds require special techniques.

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