Low Vacuum Dehydration Units

Low Vacuum Dehydration Units

Ferrocare Machines Private Limited

Ferrocare Machines offers Low Vacuum Dehydration Units, LVDH-50. It is a comprehensive process to remove water and gases from oil at temperature lower than 53°C, thus drastically reducing oxidation during the dehydration process. It is a quick, inexpensive and automatic system that overcomes centrifuging major drawbacks, especially that of oxidation and poor water removal. Features: totally automatic operation; reduces water in a single pass by 0.25% - 1.5% depending on the inlet oil temperature; ultimate water removal through oil recirculation - to zero-free water content or to 50 ppm below saturation level; and removal of soluble gases and air to 50% saturation level. This has received wide acceptance in many industries such as steel, power, automobiles, plastics and ceramics for critical hydraulics and lubrication applications where a high degree of oil purity is essential. Working: oil is drawn into the vapouriser via the vacuum pump and heater. Vacuum, pressure allows water to boil below 53°C - an efficient condenser allows collection of condensate water. Oil contamination checking kit as an accessory is also offered so that the user can easily monitor oil purity level.

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