Glass Pressure Reaction Vessels

Glass Pressure Reaction Vessels

New India Engineering Stores

Andrews Glass Co, USA, manufactures Lab-Crest brand Glass Pressure Reaction Vessels. These vessels, called Fischer Porter Bottles by many long time users, provide an ideal way to visually observe the chemical reactions on materials in a pressurized system, Chemically inert boro-silicate glass construction al-lows accurate, safe observation under a variety of conditions. Characteristics that can be observed include: solubil ity of gases in liquids at increased pressure; chemical behaviour of liquids and gases subjected to temperature and pressure changes; effects of liquids on metals; purity of propellant batches; and, spray and pressure characteristics. Typical applications include hydrogenation, polymerization, catalysis, isomerization, etc. The vessels are available in three standard capacities of 3 ounce, 6 ounce, and 12 ounce. All vessels are PVC coated for protection, marked with a millimeter reference scale, and individually pressure tested.

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