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SK Pharma Machinery Private Limited offers Labproserve. The special know-how of S.K. pharma machinery consists in rationalizing simple mixing processes and in solving most complicated mixing and processing task. This caters to laboratory scale as well as with bulk production. They have meanwhile solved numerous “impossible” mixing tasks together with their customer in their laboratory, where new mixing techniques and procedures are continuously developed and tested in practice. The Homogenizers, the Turbo-Dissolvers, anchor/ scaper agitator, co-axial agitator, magnetic agitator etc. of S.K. Pharma Machinery are in use worldwide. 


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  • SK-Homogenizer with shearing-intensive “homogenizing” mode or “pumping” mode with low shearing effect, simply achieved by the change in direction of rotation and special geometry.
  • S.K. Pharma Machinery agitator and scraper systems with vertical and horizontal mixing effect for shortest heating and cooling time.
  • Integrated CIP/SIP, suitable for pharmaceuticals production.
  • Batch size minimum 1 kg to maximum 10kg.
  • Heating / Cooling and insulated jackets complete with temperature control and safety equipments.
  • Anchor agitator with open slot scraper design.
  • Short loop product RE-Circulation for smaller batch sizes.
  • Tilting of manufacturing vessel top dish to facilitate product recovery.
  • Separate pre-mix vessel for oil and aqueous phase.
  • Process piping with transfer panel design for automated plants.
  • Cleaning in place cycles with validation protocols.

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