Polygon Blender

Polygon Blender

Sreenex Machines Private Limited

Sreenex Machines Pvt Ltd manufacturers Polygon Blender. Sreenex Polygon Blender is ideal for bending of powder and homogeneous lubrication of granules in short time cycles. Polygon Blender operates on diffusive mixing principle of distributing particles over a surface to surface continuously located at optimum angles. Sreenex Polygon Blinder can be used at higher RPM as the blender is well balanced. Useful in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food and other industries. Optional: S.S.316 contact parts in place of S.S.304, GMP Model in place of standard model, Flame proof electrical fittings.


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  • Wide range from 50Ltrs to5000Ltrs
  • A type rigid fabricated stand
  • Guard frame for safety purpose
  • Superior blending efficiency
  • Saving process time
  • Operate on higher RPM

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