Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer

Sharma And Company

Sharma And Company offers Fluid Bed Dryer. Fluid Bed Dryer is designed to dry products as they float on a cushion of air or gas.These dryers find extensive application in chemical, food, dyestuff, and polymer industries for fast and efficient drying. Suitable for quick drying of crystals, powders and medium sized pellets. The unit is housed in a robustly constructed Stainless steel cabinet attractively finished with highly polished. Fluid dryers integrate fully automatic control panel box with process timer, pneumatic lifting of container, digital temperature controller cum indicator, pneumatic finger bag shaking, voltmeter, ammeter and earthing system. Selection: Selection of capacity of fluid bed dryer depends upon bulk density, drying temperature and moisture contents of wet material to be dried. N case of 120 Kg model a batch of 145 Kg wet material can be loaded provided the bulk density of the material is 0.6 Kg. /Lit. (Approx). Pharmaceutical granules with 20-25% moisture can be dried in 30-45 minutes at 800 C approximately.

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  • Better productivity and lesser drying time with less handling
  • More hygienic
  • Uniform drying at low temperature
  • Static grounders to eliminate electro static charges
  • SS Product container with trolley & tilting arrangement
  • Models available from 2 Kg to 300 Kg capacity

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