Cam Indexing Systems

Cam Indexing Systems

Camfield Engineers

Camfield Engineers offers FD Series Cam Indexing Systems. These are manufactured with an objective to convert a constant rotary motion in the input shaft into an intermittent motion in the output shaft. Camfield cam indexing systems use a globoidal type can in conjunction with followers mounted radially outward from the circumference of the follower wheel. The input shaft is at right angle to the output shaft. The follower wheel is located and locked by a straight portion of the tapered rib, which engages two followers under pre-load. Index occurs when the ribs curvature rotates the follower wheel. Two followers are still engaged during this stage, preventing backlash. Three followers are still engaged by the rib, at least two of which remain under pre-load thus backlash is always prevented.

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  • Compact cast iron alloy housing
  • Universal mounting positions
  • Available with flange output or a shaft output on request
  • Through hole on request
  • High station to station accuracy
  • Double extended cam shaft
  • Oil bath lubrication
  • Appropriate seals prevent oil leakage in any working positions
  • Can be fitted with reducer
  • Adaptable to most indexing applications
  • Output shaft supported by over sized tapered-roller bearing
  • Rugged design and high load capability
  • Number of stops from 2 to 36
  • Range of indexing/stop time as per request

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