Checkweigher, Hygienic

Checkweigher, Hygienic

Sartorius Weighing India Private Limited

Sartorius has launched a new hygienic Checkweigher, Flexus® for product quality and food safety. Product weight and integrity checking is an integral part of production control in the production of packaged food. At the same time, companies are also subject to the strictest hygiene standards, and it is precisely these requirements that the innovative checkweigher Flexus was designed to meet. Flexus has been consistently developed according to the EHEDG hygienic design guidelines. The focus was not just on hygienic design when Flexus was being developed, and is said to be much like a Swiss army knife, has a wide range of applications. The dynamic checkweigher handles quick transitioning between products thanks to a number of practical features. For example, additional modules can be attached to the sturdy construction’s upper frame without difficulty and the width of the conveyor belts can be easily altered. There is also a comprehensive selection of separators and a wide range of data interfaces for seamless integration into any IT landscape.

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