Speedometer Core

Speedometer Core

Suhner India Private Limited

Suhner India Pvt Ltd offers Speedometer Core in various sizes and types. While digital speedometers are very much standard in most modern cars, the good old mechanical speedometers still are predominant in cars in countries with very rough roads and extreme climatic conditions as well as in motorbikes, rickshaws, trucks and tractors. Due to its purely mechanical construction and actuation, they are oblivious to shocks, vibrations, humidity and road dirt, are very reliable and can – should they once break – be easily repaired by any shade-tree mechanic. A crucial component of a mechanical speedometer is the speedometer core, which transmits the rotary motion from the vehicle’s gearbox (or front wheel in case of motorbikes) to the speedometer. With a good quality core, the needle of a mechanical speedometer shows speed very accurately, bad core send has the needle flickering or pulsing all over the place, making reading speed more to a guess game. Speedometer shafts, consisting of an inner flexible core and protective casing, vary greatly in length, from less than 3 feet (1m) for motorbikes to over 10 feet (3m) for trucks and buses. Flexible shaft and casing are not only used in speedometers but a multitude of applications where rotary motion has to be transmitted around multiple bends, from hard to reach places or in a flexible manner.

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