Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic Engine Oil

Paras Lubricants Limited

Paras Lubricants Ltd offers Synthetic Engine Oil. Garnet-5W30 is a synthetic Crank Case oil manufactured using high quality of oils produced through isomerization & severe hydrogenation process. Fortified with combination of modern additives, which provides protection against deposits / sludge's rust & corrosion. Its highly stable molecular strength gives trouble free opearation with lower maintenace costs andgives high fuel efficiency with longer engine life.

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  • High level of detergency / dispersancy keeps the insoluble products / sludge dispersed in the body of oil.
  • High level of wear protection under a variety of operating conditions.
  • Outstanding oxidation / thermal stability provides the benefits of extended oil service life.
  • Easy cold starting with lower coefficeint of friction of the oil provides the benefits of resource conserving

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