Automotive Cam Belts

Automotive Cam Belts

Omfa Rubbers Private Limited

OMFA Rubbers Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of ISI approved power transmission belts, cogged belts, banded belts (V, cogged and ribbed), and power transmission belts for industrial, agricultural and automotive usages. The product range of the company includes V-belts, narrow V-belts, hexagonal belts, harvester combine V-belts, raw edge V-belts, multi-ribbed belts, and synchronous belts. The belts are made at a well-equipped manufacturing infrastructure of the company. Having an installed capacity to produce 8m units per annum, the company lays high emphasis on quality. An ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, OMFA Rubbers carries out stringent quality checks at the raw material stage, manufacturing stage and at the finishing stage to ensure that the products comply with not just the Indian (ISI) standards, but are also approved by the RDSO and DGQA. Catering to OE clients like Tata Group, Birla Group, Monnet Group, Motherson Group and others, the company also caters to public sector companies like State Road Transports Corporations, NTPC, ONGC, etc. Catering to numerous exports markets, the automotive cam belts (also called as timing belts) the company offers, find use in the valve train of an internal combustion engine. The belts find use instead of a cam chain, or a timing chain. Making for a silent operation, the cam belt operates the engine valves by transmitting power from the crankshaft pulley to the camshaft pulleys.

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