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Innovation at its best

  • 01-Jun-2017
  • Articles|Technical Articles

Brijbasi Hi Tech Udyog Ltd. makes a successful attempt with its internationally patented fire fighting sytem to increase the portability quotient.

Motor bike Fire fighting system is a self propelled fire fighting system which uses motor bike engine power to generate water mist using high pressure pump. It consists of PTO driven high pressure pump, water tank and high pressure hose reel fitted with fog/jet gun. It can be used as first aid fire responder to control the spreading of fire in short interval without need of many firemen as well as heavy fire fighting equipments as used in conventional fire tenders.

Why the need

A fire can start anywhere, at anytime. And in just 6 minutes, it can turn into an uncontrollable blaze. This makes it even more important for you to tackle the fire, before it’s too late. Unfortunately, tiny lanes, inaccessible roads and traffic jams all are a setback when it comes to rushing to the rescue. Which means that by the time the large fire engine reaches the scene of the fire, it could very possibly already be too late. The need of the ‘fire bike’ is that it can manoeure any road, zip through traffic and reach the burning premises in minutes.


A water mist technology is a fire protection system which utilises very fine water sprays which is nothing but water mist. With the help of these small water droplets it is possible to control, suppress or extinguish fires by cooling both the flame and surrounding gases by evaporation thereby displacing oxygen by evaporation. The Motor bike Fire fighting system is enabled with this water mist technology.

This fire safety system is capable to overcome all classes of fire. It also helps in providing quick control over fire at incipent stage. There is no need no need of external expellant. In order to loacte the destination the system is enabled with GPS for short route and location. The cost of operation is minimal. It is Economical as well as eco firendly. The time taken for the completion of operation is 10 minutes. Easy maneuverability and ease of driving on narrow and curvy lanes, on difficult terrains. Requires minimum man-power as against 6 persons for a standard fire truck. It makes the most economic and optimum utilisation of water and can be refilled from any water source.

Technical data:

Motor bike:

Engine type - single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled SOHC; engine - 410 CC; power - 24.5 BHP; torque - 32NM; wheelbase - 1465 mm; ground clearance - 220 mm; length - 2190 mm; width - 840 mm; seat height -1360 mm; kerb weight - 182 kg; fuel tank capacity : 15-litres; front brakes - 300mm; rear brakes - 240mm; headlamp -12V H4 60/55 W; front suspension -telescopic 41mm with 200 mm travel; rear suspension: mono shock with 180mm travel.

Water tank:

There should be two separate water tank of minimum capacity 30LTS each and should be mounted properly on each side of motor bike it should be fabricated out of SS-304 sheet with suitable baffles to counter the surging effect due to movement of motorbike. It should have a filling orifice of 80mm diameter with blank cap.


It should be “Ultra High Pressure Pump” driven through motor bike engine via suitable gear box of suitable material and should have discharge of at least 6-8 Lpm at 130bar.

Gear box

Suitable enclosed 3-gear system of suitable material to transfer power to Ultra High Pressure Pump of suitable gear ratio (in accordance with pump rpm) with separate lever to engage or disengage.

High pressure hose reel

High pressure hose reel should e of 10mm x 20m length should be mounted on suitably designed hose reel, fitted with high pressure fog/jet gun. It should be provided at suitable location with ease of operation.

Extinguising gun

It should be compact, light weight with pistol grip nozzle having discharge of at least 6-8 Lpm at 130bar to give effective water mist throw of 20m and water jet throw 25m. Extinguishing gun design should be of such design that water mist particle size should provide cooling effect in order to extinguish the fire.

Foam System

Bike should also have foam pick up system to spray foam, whenever required. Premixed foam shall be dissolved in a right quantity with water into the water tank to get finished foam from the gun.

Other fitted accessories

Red revolving light; siren unit; GPS stystem.

Brijbasi Hi Tech Udyog Ltd. (BHTUL). an ISO 9001-2000 company, is a pioneer in design, manufacture and supply of fire fighting vehicles and equipment in the Indian sub-continent. The company was established in 1971. Their primary production facility has an approved facility for testing and commissioning of fire vehicles by Government of India and organisations such as Defence Institute for Fire Research, Engineers India Ltd., etc.

The company has also set up a new factory for further capacity expansion as well as for introducing new products and diversification.

It has designed, developed and supplied more than 150 Fire Crash Tenders to Indian Air Force and to the Airport Authority.

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