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Total heat treating solutions

  • 01-May-2018
  • Articles|Technical Articles

Benco Thermal Technologies is an emerging market leader in the field of thermal engineering. In a short span of time Benco has built a strong reputation among its clients for high quality heating heat treatment furnaces and allied equipments like material handling, robotics etc. By virtue of the technical expertise of its promoters BENCO is in a position to offer total packages on turn key basis in design, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning of heating and heat treatment furnaces, ceramic kilns, large hot dip galvanizing plants, large melting furnaces for non ferrous metals, rolling mills for non ferrous metals with concast machine for continuous casting of zinc alloy. Benco is certified to O9001:2000 standards by TUV – Germany.
Manufacturing facilities
The factory is situated in the city of Chennai. Presently the factory is equipped with the following facilities in a area of 24000 sq. ft.: Colton make welding machine – 400 amps automated MIG/TIG; Colton make welding machine – 200 amps portable MIG/TIG; Advani Oerlikon make with TIG facility – 600 Amps DC welding rectifier set; ESAB make – 400 Amps welding transformer set; Advani Oerlikon make – 400 Amps welding transformer; INDEF make – 3/5 Tons chain pulley block, etc.
Benco’s factory with world class manufacturing facilities comprises of 3000 sq.ft fully furnished design and engineering facilities, conference room, marketing and despatch sections.
Design and Engineering
The department has complete facilities for carrying out detailed design of the furnace and allied equipment. Benco has invested in the latest Auto CAD 2000 software for design and detailed drawings. Discussions are on with the local supplier of the auto cad facility for development of internet transfer facility of the developed drawings overseas. The department will have technically qualified and well trained manpower to handle even the most complicated projects in a short span of time.
Test and calibration laboratory
To ensure that the equipment manufactured fall in line with the international quality standards Benco has established extensive test and calibration laboratory. The lab has metallurgical test facilities, calibration facilities to check and calibrate all the instruments with traceability to Indian national standards. There are model furnaces where in a particular heat treatment facility required by the client can be tried out.
Quality control
The company believes in strict quality control and has a set of dedicated high quality suppliers. The company carries out routine detailed inspection of incoming raw materials, equipments, sub-assemblies.
The subcontractors manufacturing and testing methods are subjected to rigorous regular checks to ensure perfect quality. Incoming material check includes dimensional check and physical & chemical properties of basic raw materials.
Sub-assembly inspection
Items like heating and pumping unit are tested for parameters like leakage, pressure, flow rate, etc.
Combustion blowers are tested for pressure and leakage and starting current of the motor, dynamic balancing, etc. Heating elements are subjected to dimensions, resistance, etc.
Bought out items like electric motors, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, heaters, etc., are tested.
Instrumentation items like controllers, recorders, RTDs, thermocouples, are tested and calibrated with traceability to National Standards.
Pre-delivery/site inspection
Testing of all parameters like insulation thickness, operational parameters of allied equipments, heat-up rate, temperature uniformity, etc takes place. Process control instruments like thermocouples, PID controllers. etc. are calibrated in laboratories, with NABL accreditation.
Benco will be the right choice for esteemed companies that are looking for world class energy efficient and reliable heat treatment and heating furnace systems on turnkey basis.
(Communication provided by the management of the company)

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