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Suhner launches ROTOmax 2.0 flexible shaft machine

  • 01-Jul-2018
  • Articles|Technical Articles

As the name implies, ROTOmax is a machine with a big output and high tractive power.

Anyone that needs to grind, roughen, mill, brush and polish a lot knows how time-consuming it can be to have to work with a range of different machines. They also know how tiring it is to use a heavy machine for a long period of time. SUHNER has been offering machines with flexible shafts for a long time now to remedy this issue.

The drive and tool are separated from each other. Therefore a lot of power is available for delicate work that doesn’t cause fatigue.

There’s always room for improvement, even in the tried-and-tested options. As specialists for abrasive surfaces, the company is now introducing the latest model, ROTOmax 2.0. As the name implies, ROTOmax is a machine with a big output and high tractive power. The foundation for this is a high-performance 2.0 kW motor, driven by connection to an alternating current network.

The ROTOmax 2.0 is a professional machine that was made for tough, prolonged work and has a long service life.

The machine works surprisingly quietly. It is equipped with smooth starting, an active brake to prevent long rundown times and optional hand and foot controls.

An all-in-one solution

Manual units that can be changed at the speed of light convert the ROTOmax 2.0 into an angle grinder, straight grinder, angle polisher, belt sander or tube polisher and make it suitable for grinding, cutting, roughing, rust removal, brushing, polishing and far more.

There are almost no limits to what it can do. Preferred applications for this tool include heavy work in foundries, boiler construction and steelworks, mechanical workshops, and in companies that process stainless steel.

Even in the case of its many design variants, ROTOmax meets a wide variety of requirements. It is available with a base, as a space-saving suspended model or with a special trolley that offers mobility in the workshop.

A full power package

Handpieces that can be changed in a flash make the ROTOmax 2.0 an efficient all-rounder that gets the best results at high power without putting the user under excessive stress.

The right speed for every application

Toggle through speeds in intervals of 100, going from 500 rpm to 13,000 rpm, using the electronic button. This means that the right speed for every type of abrasive is always available. The electronics ensure constant speeds in any application. This means perfect results in the form of evenly clean grinding patterns.

SUHNER supplies a broad range of abrasives, adapted to the machines, and offers on-site user consultations as a free-of-charge service.

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