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SRF expects 10% improvement in quality using Datonis Mint

  • 01-Aug-2018
  • Articles|Technical Articles

Altizon’s Datonis Mint provides expanded analytics with a 360-degree view of all manufacturing systems and the business.
The Gurgaon-based specialty chemicals maker SRF Limited expects 10 per cent improvement in quality by using Altizon’s Datonis MInt (Manufacturing Intelligence) - the first industry application to complement Industrial IoT (IIoT) and deliver analytics and machine learning in a holistic fashion, bringing together data from each facet of the manufacturing chain to drive digital transformation. SRF Limited, a multi-business entity and leading manufacturers of fluorochemicals, specialty chemicals, engineering plastics and packaging films, has piloted the application. SRF has manufacturing plants in India, South Africa and Thailand.
According to Altizon, a global industrial IoT (IIoT) platform company, Datonis MInt presents an integrated view of critical operational KPIs and deeper integration with key enterprise systems such as ERP, planning and scheduling, quality management systems (QMS), and business intelligence (BI) platforms to provide expanded analytics with a 360-degree view of all manufacturing systems and the business.
Today, a clear majority (72 per cent) of manufacturers implement 3 or more separate applications to track critical KPIs connected with production monitoring, maintenance, quality management, and energy monitoring system. This means higher costs and lower efficiencies with results that fail to reveal the entire picture of operations. These systems contain vast and vital data but they operate in - and remain trapped in - silos. Rarely is the data from these systems correlated and exchanged with one another. Due to this, management suffers in tracking critical KPIs that matter, and are helpless in taking data driven decisions. To answer the call for a better view and achievement of the most crucial business KPIs, Altizon created Datonis MInt, a unique solution that bridges the gap.
"We are using Datonis MInt (Manufacturing Intelligence) IoT solution and scientific data analysis to establish the correlation between machine settings and quality issues. The initial results are encouraging, and we expect to improve overall quality by over 10 per cent. The MInt application provides a 360-degree view of the line from productivity, quality, maintenance and traceability perspective. This enables our end users to build co-relation reports across dimensions and generate actionable insights from system performance improvement perspective. Once fully operationalised in the pilot plant, we look forward to rolling out the solution across multiple plants,” said Sayan Ray, Vice President, Corporate IT, SRF Ltd.
Manufacturing intelligence with the power of IoT
Datonis MInt takes machine data and fuels it with the power of analytics. It combines operation and IT data with business intelligence and customised application extensions for reporting and functional views. Datonis MInt solves one of the greatest challenges for manufacturers by bringing all of the key machine data into a well-integrated business view; regardless of the size or complexity of the industrial business. MInt is the first IIoT application that lets industrial manufacturers act on localised data from the edge and work it into bigger picture results in the cloud across distributed facilities, without boundaries. It is a single application that works across the lines, plants, and enterprise levels - driver for industrial digital transformation.
“Having gained insights from our over 200 IoT implementations, it was clear there was a deep gap in correlating all industrial data from various operational KPI perspectives. With Datonis MInt, we have addressed this problem by delivering the analyses that empowers management to track their KPIs and make more confident, informed decisions that drive efficiency, cost savings, and business transformation. We designed MInt to tie diverse production, quality, and maintenance data together to provide a true picture and traceability for manufacturing operations. Businesses can now work with powerful metrics all in real time and continue to evolve as the systems learn," said Vinay Nathan, CEO of Altizon Systems.

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