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“Lack of benefits of cleanliness should be highlighted in corporates”

The Tier 2 and 3 cities offer a lucrative opportunity to expand the cleaning equipment market. Even though awareness is rising in these cities, the insight of scientific method of cleaning still hasn’t percolated, which creates a lot of scope, says Aurodeepa Rath, Assistant Marketing Manager, Diversey India Hygiene Pvt Ltd.
How is your company serving the industrial cleaning sector?
Diversey India Hygiene Private Limited is a multi-national company manufacturing and supplying cleanliness products and has an experience of 95+ years in the industry. Our company provides services that comprise chemicals, cleaning machines and tools, dosing and dispensing system along with other value added services such as technical support and consulting.
How are you utilising technology in your products?
Internet of Clean (IoC) is one of our owned concepts that includes new platforms that enable you in remotely monitoring equipment, machines and operations through sensor generated data. Through data analytics, complete insight is possible into operations, dosing, compliance and machine performance. Our products include Taski Intellitrail, which is an intelligent online solution that allows you to track every machine operations in real-time with being powered-on. The data is shared on the online support system which helps you get proactive rather than reactive. The technology comes with chemical-free cleaning which is sustainable and more focused on facility management.
Intellilenin is the ultimate evolution of fabric washing operations with a reliable dispensing system. With real-time remote monitoring capabilities, it gives you easy-to-use management information anytime, anywhere. The smart technology spots the inefficiencies at a glance and helps reducing water and energy consumptions. Also, the chemical consumptions become more consistent by re-washing levels that can be reduced and also avoid under-usage in the machine.
More than 60 per cent of the tasks in the kitchen are connected to dishwashers. IntelliDish helps in saving the time by monitoring performance and ensuring systems to function well in the kitchens for optimal efficiency. It turns data into dishwashing insights – sending data from your kitchen’s machines to an interactive dashboard and emailing alerts directly to your inbox.
With the country's current industrial cleaning market worth Rs 45 billion approximately, what are the factors that would lead to the growth of the cleaning industry?
Reducing the frequency of cleaning, cutting manpower and using inferior cleaning products is not the solution to cut costing of the company. This in the long term shows a cascading effect to the property and sometimes the manpower. The lack of obvious benefits of cleanliness should be highlighted in corporates. To maintain the hygiene of your workplace as well as manpower, a proper training along with cleanliness equipment should be allocated to the janitor staff. The government is taking initiatives too. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan which started in 2014, has taken a big leap in the daily lifestyle of the public.
What will you classify as the latest trends in the industrial cleaning equipment industry?
Focus on productivity and mechanisation is essential to save the time and energy to cut the financial spree of the company. By reducing the manpower and using cheap hygiene products resolves the issue for a short period, but it affects adversely on the cleaning and maintenance towards sustaining value of the properties.
Introduction of intelligent solutions like Diversey’s intelliflow and intellidose technologies are just to name a few. With just the smart dosing control for floor scrubbers, one can really upgrade their operation efficiency. The equipment consumes low energy, water flow and chemical use which is automatically adjusted depending on the speed.
What opportunities do you see in the industrial cleaning equipment market?
Tier-2 and 3 cities are lucrative, where the awareness is rising but the knowhow of scientific method of cleaning is still not there. So we see a lot of scope in there; little techniques that can bring a large difference in customer rating. We believe in promoting this kind of awareness as a way of driving business.

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