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“Industrial cleaning equipment sector is in its growth stage”

India has a huge market potential in terms industrial cleaning equipment. But despite this, India is unable to innovate anything on the technology area and still have to rely solely on the European or Chinese manufacturers. There is a need for new players in the industries who can come with more advanced technology and innovation in terms of equipment manufacturing, believes C.K Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Fonzo Equipment Pvt Ltd.
Where is the industrial cleaning equipment sector headed currently?
Industrial cleaning equipment sector is in its growth stage and thus has experienced a growth of more than 300 per cent in the last 5 years. This growth is going to prolong because of the developing stage of the country and people’s awareness.
Which are the industries driving the industrial cleaning equipment market?
Industrial cleaning equipment cater to multiple industries, be it healthcare or life sciences, manufacturing or food processing to automotive to facility management, real estate etc. All industries have different requirements and thus demand is never ending. If one sector is not performing well, other sectors will fulfill its demand.
What are the factors that would lead to the growth of the cleaning equipment market?
Industrial cleaning market is projected to be at $62.13 billion by 2023 globally. India still stands with less than 10 per cent of the total share. This shows how much market potential is there in India. Earlier the issue was the lack of knowledge and awareness but with industrialisation and government initiatives regarding cleanliness and hygiene has increased the knowledge and awareness among people and, thus has been reflected in all domains. Industries have started accepting that cleanness and hygiene is not only meant for healthcare or hospitality sector but for all sectors, and is not only related to health of an individual but even overall efficiency at workplace.
Can you tell us about the demand for your products?
Fonzo is not only a product-based company but rather differentiates itself from others by pioneering the consultancy services in cleaning and hygiene field. We provide our clients the best customised solutions based on their requirements and our concepts are all eco-friendly.
What are the latest trends in the cleaning equipment industry?
The latest trend is going after automation. But not at the cost of health and environment. Now there is a demand for more eco-friendly and environmentally accepted equipment and chemicals. Fortunately for Fonzo, our whole approach was based on automation and environment, and it gives us immense pleasure when we see the industry trend is going in the direction which we have always practised.
What are some of the latest technologies that are being used in manufacturing products such as scrubber driers, sweepers & vacuum cleaners?
Technologies keep on changing depending upon machines, their capacity and place of use. But the sad part is that despite having such a potential market we are not able to innovate anything in the technological part and still have to rely solely on the European or Chinese manufacturers. We need new players in the industries who can come with more advanced technology and innovation in terms of equipment manufacturing like Fonzo which changed the approach of this industry by introducing concept-based cleaning.
What are the opportunities in the industrial cleaning market?
We have a high market potential and less sales potential in our country. So opportunities are many. Only difference is your USP, your products should have all the POPs (Point of Parity) which other players have but at the same time your POD (Point of Differentiation) should not only be unique but rather sellable too.I would rather love to see more fresh technical graduates from IITs and management professionals from IIMs making career in this industry. With their new approach and old experience of our industry veterans, if utilised properly, this industry will also be counted among as one of the major sector just like food, manufacturing or pharmaceuticals.

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