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“Digitalisation is the latest trend in heat exchanger sector”

Market for heat exchanger in India is growing more than rest of the world. According to Himanshu Sheth, Business Unit Manager GPHE, BHE, FHE, Energy Division, Alfa Laval India, Industry 4.0, sustainability and environmental preservations are top priorities.
What are the factors driving the demand for your heat exchangers?
Alfa Laval is the leader in providing solutions in heat and mass transfer. Alfa Laval produces plate heat exchangers, welded heat exchangers, and wet surfaced air coolers. Alfa Laval range of heat exchangers starts from -50°C to 1,000°C. The plate technology offered by Alfa Laval is advanced and has advantages over the conventional one. India is one of the fastest growing economies and the demand for better quality of life and increased aspiration of middle class leads to development of smart cities and improved infrastructure. Refining of petrochemical products and generation of electricity are increasing. India’s 1/3 production of food is getting wasted due to improper storage and transportation facilities. Alfa Laval has products and solutions that contribute to reduce food wastages. Alfa Laval’s commitment to UN Sustainability Goals has given a thrust for demand of heat exchangers among other product and applications.
How is the market for heat exchangers in India? 
Market for heat exchanger in India is growing more than rest of the world. Energy, environment, marine, food, chemicals, etc drive the demand. Take almost any industry, and Alfa Laval is helping it refine and develop its products.   
How is your company responding to “energy efficiency” needs of your customers?
Energy saving is one of the UN Sustainability Goals and Alfa Laval is committed to working on solving the world’s energy crisis. The International Energy Agency estimates that, in 2016, the world would have used 12 percent more energy had it not been energy efficiency improvements. Technologies like plate heat exchangers have contributed to these improvements. These 12 per centage are equivalent to adding another European Union in the global energy market! We invest 2 per cent of our sales revenue in new product development every year which is our commitment towards innovation and energy efficiency. Our new generation of heat exchangers are designed to recover maximum heat and save energy - our technology is highly efficient, we strive to understand our customer’s processes and help them to meet their efficiency goals.  
What difference could replacing a single heat exchanger make to the CO2 emissions of an oil refinery? 
A big one. In fact, it will have the same effect as taking 30,000 cars off the road, and a cost saving of more than $ 2 million per year. 
How important is right selection of materials for ensuring energy efficiency of heat exchangers?
Alfa Laval heat exchangers are used in various industries and applications. The selection of material depends on type of fluids, temperature and pressure duties and environment conditions. Selection is very critical for duties like acid cooling, heating and cooling of petrochemical products with high pressure and temperature. Alfa Laval’s long experience with hazardous duties gives confidence to customers for their peace of mind. Our material and chemical lab is testing various materials to ensure maximum heat recovery and energy saving 
which forms back bone of new innovative solutions.  
What are the emerging trends in the heat exchangers sector?
Industry 4.0, sustainability and environmental preservations are top priorities. Industry 4.0 provides information transparency to operators and process mangers to take appropriate decisions. Online selections and digitalisation are latest trends in heat exchanger sector.  
What are your growth plans for the heat exchangers business?
India is growing economy and we are here since more than 80 years. We aim at growing more than our economy. The range of products and solutions aim to serve the changing world, and this motivates us to plan assertively. Our local manufacturing capabilities and strong presence across the country help us to serve our customers in optimal way. 

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