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Switzer Instrument Ltd
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Company Name : Switzer Instrument Ltd
Page no : 96
Categories: Indicating and Recording Instruments
Pressure Measuring and Control Instruments
Testing and Measuring Instruments
Temperature Control and Measuring Equipment
Flow & Level Measuring and Control Instruments
Actuators & Accessories
Bearings, Bushings, Wheels and Gears
Switches and Relays
Electronic Systems, Components & Accessories
Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies
Products: CM/HM Flow Switches  |  Commercial Control Switches  |  Delta Tube Flow Sensor  |  Differential Pressure Indicator  |  Differential Pressure Indicators  |  Differential Pressure Switches  |  Differential Temp. Indicator  |  Digital Pressure Switch  |  Electronic switch, microwave  |  Flow Indicating Switch  |  Flow Meters  |  Flow Switch, Paddle Operated  |  Flow Switches  |  Humidity And Temperature Transmitters & Portable Indicators  |  Humidity/Temperature Indicator  |  Level Instruments, RF Capacitance  |  Level Meters  |  Level Switches  |  Level Transmitter With Alarm  |  Linear Electromagnetic Inertial Force Actuators  |  Loop Powered Indicators  |  Manometer / Calibrators Model K 707  |  Portable Digital Temperature Indicator  |  Pressure & Differential Pressure Switches  |  Pressure Switch  |  Pressure Switches  |  Pressure Transmitters  |  RFID Solutions  |  RFID Solutions  |  Temperature Alarms  |  Temperature Indicators  |  Temperature Switch  |  Temperature Switches  |  Temperature Transmitters  |  Thin Film Technology Pressure Transmitters  |  Two-Wire Temperature Transmitters  | 
Company Details:

Switzer was founded in 1976 with fundamental goals as highest possible quality of the product, increase the proficiency of the employees and success through excellent management and policies. The company commenced with the manufacture of a limited range of pressure switches, and has expanded to cover wider range of pressure switches and other process control instruments such as draft indicators, flow switches, differential pressure indicators, primary flow elements. Every product earned excellent customer recognition for product quality and reliability.

Estd year:1976
Address: 17 (Old 9) South Boag Road
T Nagar