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Max Power Gears
Company Details:

Max Power Gears based in Valsad, Gujarat, India, since last 15 years specialize in custom gearbox and gear motor designs.We manufacture custom gearboxes requiring special ratios and other specifications. We have provided unique customised solutions to reputed customers all over India. Our gearboxes will have either solid output shafts or hollow output shafts as per your requirement. The input could be a standard motor that fits in our hollow gear shaft, or a pulley mounted on a co-axial gear shaft. Our gearboxes are offered with a variety of motor-mounting adapters. We also offer gear motors to customer for custom designs. We offer motors manufactured by Hindustan or REMI motors which are ISO 9002 companies with our gearboxes.

Contact person:Mr. Pramod Desai, Mr. Amit Desai
Address: N.H. No.8, Abrama Cross Road, Abrama
Phone:91-2632-253848, 241857, 329404, 226668
Fax:91-2632-248150, 226668, 253848