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Phoenix Contact (India) Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Phoenix Contact (India) Pvt Ltd
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Categories: Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies
Electronic Systems, Components & Accessories
Electrical Systems, Components & Accessories
Electrical Lugs, Plugs and Connectors
Inverters, Converters, Rectifiers and Stabilizers
Electronic and Communication Measuring & Testing Instruments
Electronic Control Devices
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Products: 3-Way Buffer Amplifier  |  AC Plug Connectors for Photovoltaic Systems  |  Analogue Converters  |  Analogue Ip 65 Local Bus Modules  |  Arresters for Ignition Voltages Of 1.5 Kv  |  Buffer Amplifiers For More Than 25 Different Input Configurations  |  Coaxial Contact Insets for Heavy-Duty Plug Connectors  |  COMBICON for Reliable, Faster and Simpler Connections  |  Combicon Housings  |  Compact Print Terminal Blocks for Industrial Circuit Boards  |  Connectors  |  Contact Insets With Screw Connectors  |  Crimping Pliers  |  Digital Display  |  Easy Wiring of Even the Smallest Cables  |  Electronic load relays - single-phase  |  Ethernet media converter for fibre optic cables  |  Ferrules For Short Circuit Resistant Cables  |  Fibre Optic PCB Terminal Blocks  |  Field Controllers For Open Msr Solutions With Interbus  |  Gigabit Modular Switch With Routing Function  |  Heavy Duty Connectors  |  Hybrid Motor Starter, Contactron  |  Industrial Ethernet Field Controller  |  Industrial PC as a Control System  |  Installation Terminals, Push-In Connection  |  Insulation Stripping Tools  |  Insulation Stripping Tools, Wirefox  |  Interbus Connection Assembly For The Control Unit Melsec A From Mitsubishi  |  Interbus Connection For Controllers  |  Interbus Connection For Ge Fanuc Controllers  |  Interface Terminal Block With Two Pdt Contacts  |  Mini Power Supply Unit  |  Modular Manageable Switches  |  Narrow Modular Terminal Block  |  New D-Sub Plug With Screw Connection For Field Bus Systems  |  New Socket Strip Protects Telecommunications Equipment From Surge Voltages  |  Optical Fibres Make Leds Light Up Around The Corner  |  Overvoltage Arresters For Analogue Interfaces Of Telecommunication End Devices  |  Overvoltage Protection for Terrestrial / Transceiver Systems  |  Overvoltage Protection Module  |  Passive Current Converters  |  Passive distribution board for signal allocation in AS-Interface Networks  |  Perfect Crimping Pliers, Crimpfox  |  Pluggable Surge Voltage Arrester Saves Space In Switch Cabinets  |  Power supplies, Parametrisable  |  Power Supply, Parametrisable  |  Pressure Sensors with IO-Link  |  Process Interface  |  Products for Machine Building  |  Psm Eg-Fo-T Couplers  |  Quick Connection Terminal Blocks  |  Quint Power Supply Units  |  Rail cutter, standardized mounting rails  |  Remote bus nodes for system wiring  |  Safety Relays  |  Safety Relays, Multifunctional  |  Screw & Spring Plug For Front Connection  |  Screwdrivers, Screwfox  |  Signal Conditioners  |  Spring Technology On PCB, Sunclix  |  Spring-Tensioned Terminal Blocks  |  Sunclix Reliable Connectors for Photovoltaic Industry  |  Surge Arresters For The Protection Of Mains Devices & Installation In Cable Channels & Concealed Sockets  |  Terminal Block Adapter With Quick Connection  |  Terminal Block With Power Terminal  |  Terminal Blocks With Screw Connection  |  Terminal Blocks, Push-In Connection  |  Terminal Blocks, Spring Tensioned Type  |  Three-Way Buffer Amplifiers  |  Time & Space Saving Automation Kit For Plant & Machine Construction  |  Transformer terminal blocks  |  Universal plc standard series with pdt relay  |  Wire/Cable Cutting Tools  |  Wire/Cable Cutting Tools, CutFox  | 
Company Details:

Phoenix Contact to the world of connection technology between conductors and PCBs, to the world of automation technology, to the world of electrical interface technology, and the world of surge protection. A total of 11.000 employees worldwide shape this world together with the customers and business partners. The company dedicated to reliable connections, day in and day out. The quality of the products is the key. This is not tested subsequently on finished products, but is created responsibly during every step of production. Quality (ISO 9001:2008), environmental protection (ISO 14001:2004) and work safety (BS OHSAS 18001:2007) management have been certified by DQS. The certificate can be downloaded here as PDF and printed out.

Contact person:Mr Ankush Goyal
Address: B-22.Sagar Apartment.6.Tilak Marg
City:New Delhi