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Isha Agencies
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Company Name : Isha Agencies
Page no : 341
Categories: Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors
Electrical Systems, Components & Accessories
Electronic Systems, Components & Accessories
Switches and Relays
Electrical Control Devices
Fuse, Circuit Breakers, Switchgears and Protective Devices
Electrical Lugs, Plugs and Connectors
Electrical Boxes and Enclosures
Light, Wave and Sound Generating and Measuring Instruments
Cutting Tools & Accessories
Electrical Wires and Cables & Accessories
Hand Tools, Power Tools & Accessories
Products: Adaptors and Chargers  |  Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors  |  Bipolar Power Transistor  |  Bridge Rectifier  |  Cable Cutters  |  CAM Operated Rotary Switches  |  Ceramic Chip Capacitors  |  Ceramic Disc Capacitors  |  Chip Capacitor  |  Combination Plier  |  Crystal Capacitors  |  Electronic Buzzers  |  Electronic Capacitors  |  Electronic Crystal  |  Electronic Diodes  |  Electronic Hooter  |  Electronic Switches  |  Ferrite Beads  |  Flush Button  |  Formed Jumper  |  Fuse Holders  |  Hex Crimping Tool  |  HRC Fuse Bases  |  Load Banks  |  Long Nose Plier  |  Metal Clad Plugs and Sockets  |  Metal Film Resistors  |  Palm Nipper  |  Pendent Push Button Stations  |  Plastic Film Capacitors  |  Potentiometer Switches  |  Power Zener Diodes  |  Precision Ratchel Tool  |  Push Button Station  |  Radio Diode  |  Rectifier Diodes  |  RF Transistors  |  Short Nose Plier  |  Small Signal Transistors  |  Socket Set in Metal Box  |  Solid State Buzzers  |  Stack Assemblies  |  Surface Type Switches  |  Switching Transistors  |  Thick Film Resistors  |  Thyristor Modules  |  Vitreous Enamelled Resistors  |  Wire Wound Resistors  | 
Company Details:

Founded in the year 1996, Isha agencies have come to be recognized as one of the most prominent and popular manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of electrical components in the domestic as well as the International market. Running along with excellent quality measures and performance, Isha agencies has a timeless promise of quality and satisfaction for its customers. We have a quality range of electrical franchise on offer. Our range includes wire wound resistors, thin film resistors, ceramic disc capacitors, plastic film capacitors, ceramic chip capacitors, power zener diodes, electronic diodes, electronic buzzers, potentiometer switches, and load banks. A brainchild of Mr. Arvind Sehgal, Isha agencies has overcome many hurdles in the past 10 years. With a list of accolades to our names, we are still moving forward with force.

Address: No.305, Aggarwal Tower, Pocket O & P, Dilshad Garden
City:New Delhi
Pincode:110 095
Phone:91-11-22132445, 43089627