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Levcon Group
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Company Name : Levcon Group
Page no : 54
Categories: Testing and Measuring Instruments
Indicating and Recording Instruments
Flow & Level Measuring and Control Instruments
Gauges and Fixtures
Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies
Valves, Valve Components & Accessories
Switches and Relays
Sensors, Detectors and Transducers
Products: Cable and Float Level Switch  |  Capacitance Type Level Indicator/Switch  |  Capacitance Type Radio Frequency Level Switch  |  Conductivity Type Level Switch  |  Displacer Level Transmitter  |  Displacer Operated Magnetic Level Switch  |  Electromagnetic Flow Meter  |  Float and Tape type Tank Gauge  |  Float Operated External Cage Magnetic Level Switch  |  Float Operated Magnetic Level Switch  |  Flow Switches  |  Gate Valves In Cast Iron  |  Hay Moisture Meters  |  Honey Moisture Meters  |  Indicating Flow Relays  |  Level Gauges, Bicolour/Colour Port Type  |  Level Indicators, Capacitance Type  |  Level Switches, RF Capacitance Type  |  Magnetic Flow Meters  |  Magnetic Level Gauge  |  Magnetic level switch, top mounted displacer operated  |  Oil Flow Meters  |  Open Channel Flow Totaliser, Float Type  |  Paddle Wheel Flow Meter  |  Reed Switch Type Level Indicator/Switch/Transmitter  |  Reflex Level Gauge  |  RF Capacitance Type Level Switch  |  RF Capacitance Type Level Transmitter  |  RF Level Switch, Capacitance Type  |  Rotary Paddle Level Switch  |  Rotating Wheel Type Flow Meter  |  Seed Moisture Meters  |  Spring Motor Operated Tank Gauge  |  Tea/Coffee Moisture Meters  |  Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch  |  Tobacco Moisture Meters  |  Transparent Level Gauge  |  Ultrasonic Flow Meter  |  Ultrasonic Flow Meters (Portable)  |  Ultrasonic Level Transmitters  |  Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Totalisers  |  Variable Area Flow Meters  |  Vibrating Fork Level Switch  |  Wood Moisture Meters  | 
Company Details:

Levcon Group is one of the leading and major manufacturer/exporter of a wide range of process control instruments & valves in India with experience of more than 35 years. With vastly experienced personnel, qualified engineers and trained service setup, Levcon has been able to successfully cater to a prestigious Clientele, spanning all over India and abroad, for all these years.

Levcon has in house research and development facilities and programs which continuously aim towards product improvement and product range enhancement incorporating modern technology trends. The products range from the basic to the high end types incorporating computer interfaces, remote calibration etc.

Levcon Group has offices in Kolkata, Mumbai and Hyderabad and has representation through Agents/Dealers in other parts of India.

Contact person:Mr Abhijit Sen
Address: Rajkamal, 6th Floor, 13 Camac Street