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British Electricals
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Company Name : British Electricals
Page no : 127
Categories: Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies
Transformers and Power Conditioning Equipment
Electrical Wires and Cables & Accessories
Inverters, Converters, Rectifiers and Stabilizers
Electronic Systems, Components & Accessories
Cement, Ceramics and Refractories
Textile and Fabric Machinery & Accessories
Ropes, Chains, Wires, Wire Mesh and Straps
Lamps, Lighting Systems & Accessories
Temperature Control and Measuring Equipment
Power Analysers, Timers and Counters
Controllers, Control Systems and Regulators
Furnaces, Ovens & Accessories
Heating and Drying Equipment & Accessories
Indicating and Recording Instruments
Electrical Systems, Components & Accessories
Laboratory and Scientific Equipment
Sensors, Detectors and Transducers
Pressure Measuring and Control Instruments
Products: 2-Wire Head-Mounted Transmitter  |  AC Current Transformer  |  AC Semiconductor Motor Controller  |  Analogue I/O Modules  |  Analogue Multiplexer  |  Analogue Multiplexer/Demultiplexer System  |  Cable for Power/Signal/Thermocouple  |  Cellular Router  |  Ceramic Heater, Ceraheat  |  Current Multiplexer  |  DAQ Tool, My PC Lab  |  Digital To Analogue Eight Current Loop Converter  |  Electronic Timers  |  Fibreglass Sleeves  |  High temperature cement  |  High temperature textiles  |  High temperature wire  |  Infrared Lamps  |  Infrared Temperature Sensors  |  Isolated Converter  |  Lab Furnace  |  LED Panel Lamps  |  Mineral Insulated Thermocouples/Cables  |  Mineral insulated wiring cable  |  Motor Controller Modules, 3-Phase  |  Motor Controller With 2-Module Solid State Relay  |  Pressure Transmitter  |  Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitters  |  Short Wave I/R Heaters  |  Short Wave Infrared Heaters  |  Short Wave Infrared Lamps  |  Solid State Motor Controller Modules, 3-Phase  |  Solid State Soft Start/Soft Stop Motor Controller  |  Solid-State Timer  |  Temperature Transmitters  |  Temperature transmitters, 2-wire  |  Thermocouple & RTD Connectors  |  Thermocouple Assemblies & Thermowells  |  Thermocouple Input 2-Wire Head-Mounted Transmitter  |  Thermocouple Input Isolated 2-Wire Transmitter  |  Thermocouple Protection Sheath  |  Thermocouple Tube for Flue Gases, Acids & Chemicals  |  Thermocouple Tube For Molten Metals  |  Totalizing Counter  |  Universal Load Cell Indicators  | 
Company Details:

British Electricals is established in 1971 promoting quality products & catering to all small, medium, Largescale industries, Space,Defence, Petrochem, Enggineering Units, Plastic Machinery Manufactures, Electricity Boards etc.

British Electricals are the distributors & Whole Sellers for Mineral Insulated Thermocouple & RTD Cable, Mineral Insulated Heating Cable, Mineral Insulated Power Cable, High Density Heater, Nozzle Heater, Ceramic Heater, I R Heater, Thermocouple / RTD Assemblies, Thermowells, Special Cable for Signal / Instrumentation / Compensating, Lab Furnaces, Panel Accessories etc.

ritish Electricals are Stocking Distributors for ISOMIL Germany , ISOHEAT Germany, KME - Italy, NOVUS Brazil & stockiest for "OMEGA -U.S.A." " SDL - U.K." and many more product range.

Estd year:1971
Address: 237/8, Sonal Link Industrial Estate,
Building No 2, Link Road, Malad (W)
Phone:91-22-28808335, 40620000
Fax:91-22-28885192, 40620099