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Metal Perforation Pvt Ltd
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Company Name : Metal Perforation Pvt Ltd
Page no : 138
Categories: Finished Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Non Metallic products
Products: Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Perforated Metals  |  Perforated Metals, Ferrous/Non-Ferrous  | 
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We are one of the largest manufacturers of "Perforated Metals & Screens" in India having our manufacturing facilities in the state of Gujarat. Our plant is situated in Baroda which is the industrial back bone of Gujarat. Our installed equipments of NC Controlled perforating machine & other conventional perforating machines. Apart from this, we are equipped to design & manufacture perforating tools for various applications.

Perforated Metals are manufactured from Ferrous/Non Ferrous/ Stainless Steel/CRCA/Brass/Aluminium / Copper/ Plastics etc. Normally perforating process is carried out on sheets and plates. However these are also available in Strips and Coils.

Address: 292, Dharamsingh Desai Road, Chhani Road, Chhani Road
Fax: 91-265-2771927, 2773343