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Naman Enterprises
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Company Name : Naman Enterprises
Page no : 52
Categories: Winding and Wire Processing Machines
Special Purpose Machines
Miscellaneous Industrial Supplies
Heating and Drying Equipment & Accessories
Electrical Measuring and Testing Instruments
Electronic and Communication Measuring & Testing Instruments
Printing & Marking Machinery and Accessories
Power Analysers, Timers and Counters
Testing and Measuring Instruments
Electrical Boxes and Enclosures
Adhesives, Sealants and Tapes
Products: Armature Winding Machine  |  Auto Calibration and Base Crimping Spm, Open Type Ballast  |  Auto Tape Dispensers  |  Coil Winding Machine  |  Coil Winding Machine, Programmable  |  Coil Winding Machines (Zigisha Series)  |  Diesel Fired Oven  |  Digital High Voltage Testers  |  Digital Micro-Ohm Meter  |  Digital Milli-Ohm Meter  |  Digital Single Phase Portable Power Analyser  |  Digital V-A-W Meter  |  Double Colour Pad Printing Machine (Motorized)  |  Electric Pad Printer  |  Electro-Chemical Metal Marking Machine  |  High Voltage Breakdown Tester  |  High Voltage Testers  |  Instrument Cases and Enclosures  |  Mechanical Wire Tensioner  |  Metal Marking Machine  |  Motorized Single Color Pad Printing Machine  |  Pad Printing Machine  |  Pad Printing Machine (Double Colour, Motorised)  |  Pad Printing Machine - Motorised, Single Colour  |  Pad Printing Machines, Motorised  |  Power Analyser, Single Phase  |  Programmable Coil Winding Machine  |  Programmable Coil Winding Machines  |  Screen Printing Machine  |  Side Loading Machine  |  Side Loading Machine With Tail Stock Attachment  |  Two Spindle Side Loading Machine  |  Vacuum Impregnation System  |  Winding Mandrel  |  “Electrotech” Programmable Coil Winding Machines  | 
Company Details:

Naman Enterprises is engaged in manufacturing SPM for compact/open type ballast (choke) and setup of complete manufacturing plant for compact/open type chokes, CNC coil winding machine, pad printing machines, testing equipments, components/accessories and raw materials for luminaries, compact/open type polyester field FTL/HPSV/MV/MH and PL/CFL ballasts.

Address: 1/911-C, Moti Ram Road, Modern Shahdara
Maa Durga Street
City:New Delhi
Phone:91-11-22135647, 22575647
Fax:91-11-22135647, 22575647