Bin Vibrators/Agitator Vibrators

Bin Vibrators/Agitator Vibrators

Elscint Automation

Elscint Electromagnetic Bin Vibrators offer an economical and convenient means of maintaining the flow of bulk materials from bins, hoppers and chutes. An optional easily adjustable control is provided, which gives flexibility and assures optimum flow for any type of material being handled. These vibrators can be operated either continuously or intermittently depending upon customer requirements. To assure the highest standard of quality, Elscint vibrators are factory tested and adjusted for optimum performance. All models come with totally enclosed, dust-tight construction. Even waterproof models can be made available on request. Since these vibrators have no rotating or sliding parts, they are virtually maintenance-free. Major features and benefits are: electromagnetic design – no rotating or sliding parts and hence virtually maintenance-free; ideal for continuous or intermittent operation; optional adjustable control – can vary vibration force with simple turn of potentiometer; totally encapsulated coils – provides protection from moisture and other contaminants; prevents wire degradation; productivity enhancing performance – no need for manual labour to unclog bins or for keeping material flowing; simple design, durable, rugged construction – safe, reliable performance for years of service; two models to choose from – Elscint A, 40 VA rating; and Elscint B, 320 VA rating; and low noise – quiet, reliable operation.

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